Books and Other
Information Sources
REMEMBER:  If you find a good  breeder you will get a well socialized puppy bred for
healthy genetics- plus you will have breeder who will be a mentor.

You may be lucky and get a nice pup from a puppy mill, but you will not have the
knowledgeable support of an ethical breeder.

Unfortunately, even good breeders can produce pups will health problems, but they strive
to improve the health of our breed and will be helpful and supportive if you have problems.
There are not that many sources of information about the Portuguese
Water Dog- and these sources vary in quality.  Please let me know if you
find an additional source of information!  

The reviews are just my personal thoughts on the reference material.


The New Complete Portuguese Water Dog
by Kathryn Braun
Howell Reference Books
The classic reference book on the history of the breed including information on early imports and litters, the
traditional work of the PWD, etc. A MUST for your PWD library.  Often available used on Amazon, aLibris, etc.

The Portuguese Water Dog: A Guide for the New Owner
by Verne K. Foster 2006
ISBN 0-9674684-1-8 (pbk)  

Excellent publication with helpful hints about the quirks of PWDs.  Highly recommend.  Available on Amazon.

The Portuguese Water Dog
by Carla Molinari 1993 Revised & Updated 1998. Published in Portugal
ISBN 972-9181-22-5 (pbk)  

Non-Fiction.  Difficult to obtain in the USA.  Carla Molinari is an international judge long associated with the
PWD in Portugal.  This is a history of the breed and includes a list of early dogs and kennels.  This may now be
considered a collectible & is very expensive- get Kathryn's book instead!

Portuguese Water Dog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
by Paulo Correa
A generic pet store book. It has some nice photos of English PWDs and a short history of the PWD, but most of
the book consists of boilerplate sections on training, health, etc.  Don't waste your money unless you just want
every book on PWDs.

Mad Cao's are Surfing In My Kitchen ... A Gathering of True Short Stories & Poetry
about Portuguese Water Dogs
Forward by Richard Aronoff
This was created as a project to fund PWD health research.  Consists of short stories and poetry by the
owners of PWDs- including a story about my first PWD, Dory.  Gives great insight into the personality of the

Dog Care

There's a Dog in the House: A Practical Guide to Creating Today's Dog Friendly
by Nancy Chwiecko
Designing and adapting to have a dog-friendly house. Highly recommended.


Dogged Pursuit-  an amusing book similar to BEST IN SHOW but not caricatured. This is the
story of a man and his rescue Border Collie and their pursuit of Agility titles.  The only thing that
bothered me was the statement that breeders consider dogs livestock.  This may be true of the
Border Collie breeder he knew, but it is NOT true of most PWD breeders.  I know many PWD
breeders and, other than "puppy millers", there is only one and possibly two that I feel would
fall into this category.


Água: The Mysterious Portuguese Water Dog
by Renee Kelahan, illustrated by Penny Hauffe   2009
ISBN 97814401 (pbk)  9781440154430 (cloth)  9781440154447 (ebk)

Juvenile Fiction (9-12 yrs)  Portuguese fishing family is befriended by a PWD.  Well written.

Assorted Books recommended to me or on PWD-L. I have not read them.

Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz.  Recommended on PWD-L.  I haven't read it.

Seeing Through A Dogs Eyes-  covers the authors expereinces raising Assistant Dogs

Scent of the Missing  

here's an excerpt from the prologue to "Christmas
with Tucker":

"With one paw in the wild and another scratching at the door of humanity,
dogs are caught in an awkward spot. It misses the mark to describe a dog as
just an animal. We recognize that our pets can be both beasts and evolved
life-forms keenly attuned to human needs. Country dogs may be more
appreciated for their animal nature--hunting, herding, and guarding--while
city dogs are cherished for their humanlike ability to expertly deliver
companionship and unbridled affection.

"From time to time, for a lucky few of us, we come cross a dog that seems to
move naturally back and forth from one world to the other. Such a dog can
howl at the distant coyote, hunt for his own food, refuse to back down from
a charging adversary, and run hours on end with equal glee under snow or
sun. In an animal like this, we respect the sheer aliveness that radiates
from his eyes. And, when the day's work is done, he'll lay down by our feet,
content. For this dog, you know that there is nowhere he would rather be
than with you. This dog is complete in both worlds. He models for us how to
simultaneously be good and alive--animal and angel."

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