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Karen's Litters

My First litter (not under
Planalto kennel name)

Planalto Litter A

Planalto Litter B

Planalto Litter C

Planalto Litter D

Planalto Litter E
Uno x Chalupa
Born Feb 5, 2006
5 girls, 7 boys

Planalto Litter F

Planalto Litter G
Beamer x Rosa
Feb 05, 2008
5 boys, 4 girls

Planalto Litter H
Max x Brisa
May 29, 2009
7 boys

Planalto Litter I
Little Joe x Merry
Born September 27, 2009
6 girls, 2 boys

Planalto Litter J
Little Joe x Brisa
Born December 23, 2009
2 girls, 2 boys

Planalto Litter K
Billy x Merry
Born Aug 30, 2011
4 girls, 4 boys
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Dottie's Litters

Highbid Litter A
Uno x Dose
April 19, 2004
5 boys, 1 girl

Highbid Litter
Max x Ocha
May 18, 2005
2 boys, 5 girls

Highbid Litter B
Yukon x Ocha
Aug 22, 2006
5 boys 2 girls

Highbid Litter C
Uno x Dose
Feb 15, 2007
2 boys, 2 girls

Highbid Litter D
Uno x Dose
Aug 31, 2007
1 boy, 2 girls

Highbid Litter E
Little Joe x Trace
Born March 19, 2010
6 boys, 4 girls

Highbid Litter F
Leo x Trace
Born May 15, 2011
3 boys, 4 girls

Highbid Litter G
Billy x Trace
Born October 21, 2012
2 brown wavy girls

Highbid Litter H
? x Trace
Breeding to take place in the
Summer of 2013. The sire has
not yet been selected
Carol's Litters

Sapphire A Litter

Sapphire B Litter

Sapphire C Litter

Sapphire D Litter

Sapphire E Litter
Roni's Litters

Seastar B Litter
Leo x Rikki
December 02, 2010
3 boys, 3 girls

Seastar C Litter
Leo x Rikki
December 11, 2010
3 boys, 5 girls
Last Update: Feb 10, 2011
Rose's Litters

Perrofino A Litter
Joe x Sapphira
May 17, 2012

Perrofino B Litter
Joe x Sapphira
April 21, 2013