Highbid Portuguese Water Dogs
Highbid Final Breakaway  "Ocha"
Brown curly female
OFA Good; OptiGen A; GM-1 Normal
CERF Normal 2006
Ocha's first litter was born on May 18, 2005.  She has
proven to be a great mom!  She is very protective of
the pups and makes sure that none of my other dogs
show too much interest in them.  She did give me a bit
of a scare- although I was watching her closely, she
still managed to have the first pup under the shed!

Now we are enjoying hearing how her pups are
Ocha is a high energy girl.  At nineteen inches, she is right on the standard but seems small in comparison to some
of the huge PWDs in the ring now.  She loves to be with people, but is a real busybody!  She wants to be in the
middle of everything!  
Ocha's second litter was born in August, 2006!  She was bred to Tanaki's Yukon XLT, a black parti with a
wavy coat (white with black patches)

Her pups have the sweetest temperaments!  The sire- Yukon- has now fathered two litters and I have been
impressed with the personalities of these pups!   This has been a good combination for us, producing
good, solid pups that are great companions!

Ocha has been spayed and is now enjoying the agility ring.