Perrofino Litter B
AKC litter WS438386  Born April 21, 2013
2 black girls and 2 boys- 1 black, 1 brown
All are wavy.  All of the pups have homes.
Sire: CH Sapphire Anjo Do Planalto "Little Joe"
CH Tanaki's Yukon XLT x AKC/CKC CH Planalto Dory De Sapphire

NORMAL OFA hips/elbows, JDCM, PRA, GM1, Current CERF
See bottom of page for litter pedigree
Dam: Sapphires Seastar Sapphira "Sapphira"
AKC GCH; CKC BISS/CH Elk Run's Lancelot Du Lac AKC
MAX/MAJ/AX/OF/CGC x Sapphire's Andromeda Sea Star

NORMAL OFA hips/elbows, PRA, GM1, Current CERF
Dorothy feeding Hershey
This is a lively bunch of puppies!  We have been
hand-raising them since their mom, Sapphira, was too frantic
if they got even a few inches away from her!  She would paw
at the puppy to pull it back, which could have injured the
pup.  So, at day three we took the pups away from her...
which means hand feeding the pups every few hours, all day
and all night!

However, this also means that the pups get a LOT of
attention and human contact.  We work with each pup- not
only feeding the pup, we also stimulate the pup to eliminate,
clean the pup with a wash cloth like the mom's tongue, and
do exercises with the pup which seem to make it more
adaptable as an adult.

This will be Sapphira's last litter.  Although she is beautiful
and has a sweet temperament, we do not want poor
mothering skills passed to the next generation of our dogs!

These pups are a real joy!  All of the pups are spoken for.

Their eyes are open, but their ears are still closed. Soon they
will be developing their personalities!
Hershey at two weeks

Brown wavy male with white
Tux is the largest of the pups and
a real "eager eater"!  He is active
and it will be interesting to see
how he develops!
Babs is a sweet girl with white on
her chin and chest
Socks has white on her chest, chin
and legs.  She is a real cutie!