Highbid H Litter
Expected late May or early June, 2014
AKC CH Sapphire Anjo Do Planalto
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The dam of this litter is located in Flagstaff, AZ
AKC CH Highbid An Uno Dose Trace   "Trace"

AKC CH Hunter's The One For Deerpark x
AKC CH Deerpark Dose Of Three Dee

OFA GOOD, Elbow Normal,OptiGen B, CERF 2013
Brownie from Trace's 2012 litter.  If we
breed to a black male that carries the
brown gene statistically 25% of the litter
will be brown.  If we breed to a brown
male, probably 50% of the litter will be
brown. (Black is dominant)

We usually have little white on our pups.
However, it depends upon our choice of
a sire!