Highbid Portuguese Water Dogs

Litter Born May 18, 2005
There are seven puppies in this litter- five girls and two boys.  All are brown and all are curly except for one
brown wavy boy.  The curlies are all pretty loose- none have as tight a curl as mom.

Max is the sire of the Planalto D litter. His Planalto get are doing great in the show ring!
CH Helm's Alee Full Sail To Elk Run
"Max"   Brown wavy male
OFA Good;  OptiGen B; GM-1 Normal;
CERF Normal 2005
Highbid Final Breakaway  "Ocha"
Brown curly female
OFA Good; OptiGen A; GM-1 Normal
CERF Normal 2005
Max produces such wonderful, sweet-tempered pups that we feel he was the best choice as the sire of this litter.  We
believe it is important to maintain the genetic diversity of the Portuguese Water Dog.  Therefore, we select the sire
that is the best example of the breed, that will match well with our bloodlines, and has a record of producing healthy
There is now a gene test for Progressive Retinal Atrophy, so with conscientious breeding there is no longer the
danger of producing PRA affected pups

We are looking forward to seeing how this litter develops.  Considering what good puppies he produced with Chalupa,
I have great hopes for these little guys!  We aready know they have excellent temperaments!
Now called "Sweetheart" or "Sweetums" at five months,
she is a sweet tempered little girl that loves to be with
Curly girl 05  Nevada Barr.  This pup loves walks in
the woods- she likes to carry pine cones around