Uno x Chalupa Planalto E
Born February 5, 2006
Puppy Journal
Revised April 3, 2006
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Emma now lives in Santa Fe, NM.  She will hopefully spend some time with her cousin, Raven!

Hi Karen,
Emma is doing just fine.
The ride home was uneventful - she spent half the time in our arms and the other half snuggled in a basket at our feet.
She has already learned the doggie door for going outside (AGuy taught her - he goes - she follows), she speaks her mind freely, and has
managed to make our wonderful male Bouv her good buddy despite preferring his toys to her own...  SO,  so far so good.  After being quite
indignant and vociferous when put into her crate in our bedroom next to Aguy's bed for "night night" last night - she settled down after about
20 minutes and slept through the night.  She's already had a bath since she decided to race and stand directly in Aguy's urine stream outside
about an hour ago... both of them were quite startled - and I suspect I yelped, we bathed in the bathroom sink.  Both of them still have
their dignity intact.  I'm sure there will be many tales as the relationships unfurl.  Her appetite is good, her voice is strong and she holds her
own just fine with everyone she's met so far!
Bella is in Phoenix, AZ
Karen, thanks again for all your help with our new puppy.  Bella is doing great!  She slept most of the way home, and took to her new house very quickly.  As soon as you
pick her up, she flops over on her back and snuggles in.  My daughters (and against my desire, several of their friends who just "happened to stop by while in the
neighborhood" to see the pup) wore Bella out.  She seemed to be a little constipated and would try to pee often without success.  We assume she was just a little
nervous and things will be more consistent today (kids in school andBella home just with Mom).  Hope all is well.  We'll send pictures soon.

4/6/06: Bella still doing good (potty training is so-so, as she plays outside during potty breaks, then comes inside and goes on the floor - we'll get there), but has
developed an eye infection.  We have medicine from the vet,  but wanted you to know in case other pups turn up with a goopy eye.
E11 is in Sacramento, CA
A quick status report:

We arrived back in Sacramento today, having taken our time on the way back. The puppy is splendid. Given her root-beer color, we're leaning towards calling her
"Sassafras", also in recognition of her sassy nature. She has been thriving with the travel and the exposure to all kinds of new things. We, by contrast, are a little tired
since we've been getting up when she has woken up about every two hours in the night, to take her out to piddle. Her current cycle seems to be two hours of sleep
followed by a piddle and about twenty minutes of vigorous play, and then back to sleep. She is a total delight and captivates just about everyone who sees her.

Talk about socialization -- she loves practically everybody, wagging her tail furiously at them. Two nights ago at a Tehachapi motel as Tony was walking her on the motel's
pathways so she could piddle, she noticed a slightly-open room door with noisy people inside having a boisterous 3:00 a.m. beer-drinking party, and dashed inside to a
surprised audience of beer drinkers.

She's been exposed to snow (it snowed on us a bit in Tehachapi), huge rain puddles, and small torrents of rain water draining through our garden at our weekend place
-- she takes those all in stride, as she does small flights of steps (already!). Barbara is teaching her to use the magnetic-catch doggie door to our garden -- she had
previously today learned to go in and out through an opened sliding door -- Barbara then showed her how to go out through the doggie door (mounted in the sliding
door's glass) but then she cutely yipped at Barbara from the outside the sliding glass door to inform Barbara, in unmistakable terms, that the doggie door was fine for
going out through but that the sliding door (which Barbara had shut to teach her about the doggie door) remained the proper way to come back inside.

She's already learned to "piddle" when told to do so, and is proudly learning to go outside to do so, all on her own. She chases and retrieves a tennis ball, delivering it
happily to hand, fights furiously with a stuffed teddy bear about the size of a littermate, and already has an idea of what "inside", "outside", "let's wipe your feet", gentle",
and "sit", and other things, mean as commands. She is pretty well acclimatized to her crate, after an initial session when she complained a lot but ended up consoling
herself quietly when she realized her complaints weren't going to get her anywhere.

She is indeed a delight, and so bright and eager to learn! As we expected, she almost never slows down when she is awake, charging around from one toy to another,
chasing the ball, mock fighting with her little teddy bear, charging after a thrown champagne bottle cork, playing footsie with Tony underneath his legs when he is sitting
on the floor, or just charging around at a full gallop through chair and table leg slalom courses of her own devising. She has a splendid set of legs on her.

She is a wonderful addition to our lives, and is as healthy as can be, eating well and having good puppy stools.

We couldn't be happier with having her. Thank you both for making that possible. (We are also appreciating her "owner's manual".)

Now if we can just get some more sleep . . . .