Planalto Litter G
Born February 5, 2008
AKC CH Legado Luzente do Planalto "Beamer"
by CPC CH Baluarte De Alvalade
out of AKC CH Legado Diabrina De Del Che
AKC WP88707601                DOB Nov 12, 2004
OFA Good, OptiGen B, GM-1 Normal, CERF 2007
Cardiomyopathy 1-1 probably normal
AKC CH Planalto Rosa Dos Ventos "Rosa
by CH Helm's Alee Full Sail To Elk Run
out of CH Pinehavens Deerpark Chalupa
AKC WS06533403         DOB Nov 1, 2003
OFA Good, OptiGen B, GM-1 Normal, CERF 2007
Cardiomyopathy pending
Since this is a brown x brown breeding, all pups are brown.  All of the puppies have been placed
This was an unplanned breeding- Rosa escaped from a double-fenced, cement floored pen. The vet
thought she had not been bred, but two months later we had a wonderful litter of nine pups!  This is an
excellent combination of bloodlines but I would never have done it intentionally, since both parents
are OptiGen B. Therefore, we have OptiGen tested EACH PUPPY.

We were fortunate in that for this litter of 9 puppies, only one is a "C".  We will be keeping this pup
ourselves.  The rest of the pups are either "A" or "B", which means they will NOT get Progressive
Retinal Atrophy.  You can read more about PRA at the PWDCA web site

I am now glad that this litter was born. My wonderful Beamer died on January 19 after chewing the
edge of a rug and ingesting the cordage.  I am so thankful that he left me these little guys.  I have been
calling one of the boys "Junior".
PG01  Wavy Male
We are keeping this
boy for now to see
how he develops.
He is one of our
OptiGen A boys.
PG03 Curly Male- Gone
to a home were he will
be both a service dog
and a show dog!
Gone to a show home
OptiGen B1

He is smaller than he looks in this
photo. Note the relative size of
Dottie's hands!

This is a really sweet, gentle boy-
loves to give kisses.  However, he is
"reserved with strangers"- which is
what the standard says for this breed!
His color is more accurate in the photo
on the left.  The florescent lights gave
This boy is genetically curly, but his
hair has straightened out as he has
grown!  He is what some people call a
"swirly"- Genetically curly, but looks
pretty wavy!
"I know I am a "Water Dog", but
does it HAVE to have soap in it?"

Dottie bathing one of the pups
Me Next!
"That's a STRANGE
looking Water Dog on
the table!"
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