Planalto Litter J
Born December 23, 2009
2 girls, 2 boys
Sire: Sapphire Anjo Do Planalto "Little Joe"
See bottom of page for pedigree
Dam: Hunter Brisa Do Planalto "Brisa"
Puppy 1
Black wavy boy
Gone to Canada to be a
show dog!
Puppy 2  Oreo
Black wavy boy

Oreo is joining our Scruffy (G litter) at
Handi-Dogs in Tucson to be trained as a
service dog.  He will alert his master of
impending epileptic episodes.  He will also
help stabilize him and prevent him from
wandering into a street or other dangerous
situation during an episode.

His markings will probably look like his sire's
markings.  He does not yet have his
registered name.
Puppy 3
Black wavy girl
Family pet in Phoenix
Puppy 4 Planalto Jacina
Brown wavy girl
I am keeping this little girl to show
Photo March 22, 2010
Photo March 22, 2010