Planalto Litter L
               Due June 14, 2014
Sire: Int CH/AKC Gr CH Aspencoves Nothing Like This Majik
See bottom of page for litter pedigree
Dam: CH Sapphires Dolce De Highbid "Dolce"
News about sire Percy:

E-mail from Jodi Sept 4, 2013: " His first day out as a special he got breed over Pepsi ( #1 bitch in country) and Popeye (# 10 dog in country) with
Colton's assistant on him.  The Johnsons  were on Pepsi. (Colton & the Johnsons are professional handlers)

He got also got a Group Three with Pat Hastings ( the movement guru) as judge.

He got Best of Opposite to Pepsi on Sunday..

Not a bad way to start as special.  We are keeping him out until he finishes his grand championship..."

Well, he earned his GCH, then went on to earn enough points to be rated in the TOP TEN PWDs for 2013!

MAY 2014:  Just heard- Percy won Best of Breed three out of four days last week and now has enough points to be the #8 PWD for 2014!
AKC WS32412807     Brown wavy
Sire: AKC GCH; CKC BISS/CH Elk Run's Lancelot Du Lac AKC
Dam: AKC CH Planalto Dory De Sapphire

Health Tests:
GM1 (Storage Disease) Normal 9/16/2011 #11-155
Hips: OFA Fair PW-6742F37F-PI
Elbows: Normal PW-EL2669F37-PI
OFA Eye Exam (CERF) Normal 8/7/2013
Optigen PRA test: B1 #13-778 (Carrier)
Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy: DNA 1-1 #6917 (probable normal)
Improper Coat: Carrier #13-778
AKC WS35975505     Black and white wavy
Sire: Int/AKC CH Aspencoves Majik Of Majiks AKC RN/CGC; PWDCA WWD
Dam: Int CH Aspencove N Planalto Lancers Let Her Fly AKC RN/TDI/CGC;
PWDCA JWD; Registered Service Dog

Health Tests:
GM1 (Storage Disease) Normal
Hips: OFA Good PW-6735G25M-VPI
Elbows: Normal
OFA Eye Exam (CERF) Normal 2/21/2014 PW-EYE264/26M-VPI
Optigen PRA test: A1 #11-00114  (Normal)
Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy: DNA 1-1 #6835  (probable normal)
Improper Coat: Normal
Dolce is an "old style" PWD with a broad skull and sturdy build. She
has a sweet temperament and loves people.
WHAT "CARRIER" MEANS:  These diseases are simple recessive genes. Therefore, since the sire does NOT carry the gene for these problems, NONE of the
pups will exhibit symptoms of the disease, although there is a 50% chance that the pup will also be a carrier.

Dolce is such a fine PWD that we want to retain her qualities in our bloodline.  Therefore, we selected a sire who should combine well with Dolce while
preventing the pups from expressing the disease.

This is a repeat breeding of Dolce and Percy.  Their first litter, the PK litter born November, 2013, was a gorgeous bunch of pups!  I kept Katie and we plan to
start showing her soon.
Note: The colored boxes in the pedigree indicate dogs that show up more than once in the pedigree.
Our pups are placed on spay/neuter, "limited
registration" contracts. With the AKC Limited
Registration, you can be the sole owner of the dog
and may show in performance classes like obedience
and agility, but not in the breed ring.  The dog cannot
be bred and any offspring will not be registered by the
AKC as purebred dogs.  Our show/breeding potential
dogs are sold ONLY to people that we know and that
we can work with to insure good breeding practices
and to protect the puppies.
Percy and Dolce really like each other!