Last update: Aug 15, 2007
Gypsy' story
My grandpuppy RavenBear's Cigana do Planalto
(RavenBear's Highland Gypsy) arrived with a LOT of help
from my friends!  Getting a pup from the Yukon Territory of
Canada to Arizona in August is quite complicated!

She is the only pup I have that is descended from my girl,
Susan & Susan with Gypsy in Sedona.
Susan (L) flew with Gypsy from Seattle.
Susan (R) donated frequent flier miles
to cut the cost of the ticket in half and
brought her friend Susan (L) and
Gypsy to meet me in Sedona!
Gypsy is now a grown-up working PWD living
with co-owner Jodi in Colorado. She is now

CH Ravenbear Cigana do Planalto RN

you can visit her at  
Planalto Portuguese Water
RavenBear Cigana do Planalto
News!!!  Gypsy went to the international shows in Laramie, Wyoming (Sponsored by
the FCI)  in four shows she won a Group II, a Reseve Best in Show and TWO Best in
Shows!  In the process, she beat 7 dogs with AKC Best in Shows!!!

She is now:   MBIIS Int/AKC CH RavenBear Cigana do Planalto RN

Jodie is now preparing her for water trials!