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Read about our Planalto E litter born February 6, 2006
My dogs...
Planalto Rosa dos Ventos is a Max x
Chalupa pup that I kept for myself!
Hunter Brisa do Planalto
Brisa is my Brown Trout daughter.  
She is quite the lady!  Rosa is a
tomboy, but Brisa is elegant.
CH Legado Luzente do Planalto
Beamer was my "Balu Boy" from 17
year old frozen semen.  He was a
wonderful boy who died after
siring only two litters.  He chewed
the edge of a carpet and the yarn
created an intestinal obstruction.
CH Pinehavens Deerpark Chalupa
with her Feb 6, 2006  litter of
TWELVE puppies!  Chalupa is now
retired and enjoying life!

Contact me if you would like to
discuss this wonderful breed!
My Puppies...
Henry is from
my first litter-
before I even
had my own
kennel name!  
He is now 12
years old and
going strong!
Dory from Planalto
"D" Litter
MBIIS CH RavenBear Cigana Do
Planalto RN- my grandpuppy from the
Yukon Territory arrived in the arms of
friends Susan & Susan.

Gypsy is presently in Colorado with
co-owner Jodi. She has earned her
AKC Championship and her Rally
Novice title and has two "Best in
International Show" placements!