Planalto/Highbid/Sapphire Portuguese Water Dogs

Karen Berggren, 3219 N Patterson, Flagstaff, AZ 86004     928-607-1836 (Verizon)
Contact person for Planalto (Karen), Highbid (Dottie Dalegowski) and Sapphire (Carol Arbuthnot) PWDs. We are mentoring
Sea Star (Roni)

           Questions for those interested in a PWD puppy

Please copy, answer the following questions and return it to Karen. You may paste it into a WORD document or directly into
an email. This will help us in future discussions concerning the right puppy for you and your family:

Your name:  


Phone Number:                                   

email address:

1.Why do you want to purchase a Portuguese Water Dog?

2.Is the dog being purchased for yourself or as a gift (for whom)?

3.Number and ages of members in your family living with you.

4.Do you have a house, townhouse, apartment?  City? Suburb? Country? Other?

5.Where will the dog be kept (backyard, in the house, on the porch, in the basement) when you are at home? Will this differ
when you are not at home?

6.If you work, how many hours per day will the dog be left alone?

7.Do you agree to crate train your dog for its safety and your piece of mind?

8.Do you have a fenced yard to exercise a dog? If yes, please describe how tall it is and what material it is made of.

9.How do you plan to exercise this active dog?

10.How do you plan to utilize its "working group" heritage, to let it feel useful, such as doing therapy, water work, agility,
companion assistance, and so on?

11.Who will be responsible for caring for this dog (feeding, exercising, bathing/grooming, etc.)?

12.If you were to become seriously ill or died, who has agreed to take care of this dog?

13.Have you ever had a dog before? Do you have any other animals? If so, please tell us about him/her/them:

14.Do you still own them? If not what happened to them?

15.Are (or were) your other pets spayed/neutered?

16.Do you agree to have this dog spayed or neutered before it is a year old if you do not plan to show it?

17 What type of temperament are you hoping for in a pup?  Do you want a high energy dog for agility, a calmer dog that is
more likely to stay close to you?  Realize that ALL pups are "high energy"!

18 Are you aware of the health concerns associated with the Portuguese Water Dog?

19 Have you visited the PWDCA web site?  Have you requested their “puppy packet?

20 What other research have you done concerning this breed?

21 Have you MET a Portuguese Water Dog?

22  Please describe your idea of an ideal dog (sex, color, markings, coat, personality, etc)

23 .Do you have any questions or comments?