Sapphire Portuguese Water Dogs
Sapphire A Litter Born November 10, 2006 1 am!
Puppy pictures
Hips OFA Good, OptiGen B,
GM1 Normal, CERF normal 2006
A VERY pregnant Dory!
PLEASE...let it be soon!!!
SA01 Male
SA02 Male
SA03 Male- Little Joe:  Sapphire Anjo Do Planalto
We kept this boy to show.  He has now sired two litters!
SA06 Male
SA04 Male
SA05 Male
SA08 Female
SA07 Male
SA09 Female
SA10 Female
SA11 Female
Proud Pappa Yukon!
Hips OFA Excellent, OptiGen A,
GM1 Normal CERF normal 2006
Dory is actually brown- it is just the lighting that makes her look gray!