Sapphire E Litter
AKC Litter WS359573  Born November 18, 2010
2 Females
(2 black curly)
2 Males (1 black wavy, 1 black curly)
AKC/Can Ch Planalto Dory de Sapphire
AKC WS08413206

AKC Ch Helm's Alee Full Sail To Elk Run RN x
AKC Ch Pinehavens Deerpark Chalupa

OFA Good, GM1 Normal, OptiGen B, CERF 2009
AKC/CKC CH Ravenbear's Spirit At Tanaki
CKC PJ950375    AKC WS20530702 (Canadian dog)

Planalto Bear'n Kodiak x Kyessi's Raven

OFA Excellent, GM1 Normal, Optigen A (normal), JDCM 1-1 (normal)
CERF 2010
AKC WS35957302
Sapphires E Sunset Strait
"Sunny" (Blue Boy):  Male, Black,
Really Curly - No white markings.  
Will be shown if he turns out as
good as he looks!
AKC WS35957304
Sapphires E-Male (Green Boy):  
Male, Black, Wavy - Tiny, tiny, white
dot on chest...will be gone when
hair grows. Very Friendly. Has a
lovely shine to his coat!  Snuggles
next to people.
AKC WS35957301
Sapphires Emeralds and Rubies
"Jewel" (Green Girl):  Female,
Black, Curly - Very small white star
on chest, small amount of white
on 2 rear toes.  Co-owned by
breeder. We hope this will be a
future show girl!
AKC WS35957303
Sapphires E Nandi "Nandi" (Pink
girl):  Female, Black, Curly - No white
markings.  Loves to cuddle. Loves
people. A wild child! Full of energy
but then wants to sleep in your arms!
NOTE: Girls have fabric paint on
shoulder. Boys are marked on right hip.

Pedigree is at bottom of page.

All puppies in this litter are "spoken for"
All the pups in this litter are "spoken for", so unless someone is unable to take their pup, none of these pups are
available.  This litter is located in Mesa, AZ
This litter originally consisted of 7 puppies- four boys and three girls.  Unfortunately, this
litter was hit with Parvo, a highly infectious disease that can be carried in on clothes and
shoes.  We lost two boys and a girl.  However, the rest of the litter is fully recovered and
will have no long-term effects.  They are now normal, healthy, happy puppies!  
Fortunately, we has puppies in Riki's litter that we could place with the people who had
reserved puppies in Dory's litter.
Revised 02 21 2011