Portuguese Water Dogs
By the way- We have some friends who are great breeders but do not have web sites.  With their permission, I have made pages for
them on this web site.  Please understand that this is my interpretation of their kennels- if there are errors I apologize!  However,
these are people I trust and recommend to you as a source of information about our breed... plus they have nice dogs!  I invite you
to visit my pages for
Legado Portuguese Water Dogs and for Elk Run Portuguese Water Dogs.

Portuguese Water Dog Club of America                                                                                  www.pwdca.org
This is the national breed club for the USA. This is the MAIN site for information on PWDs in the United States.  You will find information
on the history of our breed, things you can do with your PWD, special activities and events, regional PWD organizations, health
concerns,advise for people looking for a PWD, and a list of breeders who subscribe to the PWD Code of Ethics.

American Kennel Club                                                                                                                      www.akc.org
This is the holder of the stud book for the Portuguese Water Dog in the United States.  If you purchase a PWD in the USA, the breeder
should be able to provide you with the registration information for the parents and a registration number for your pup.  After a litter is
born, the breeder applies for a "litter number".  Each pup in that litter has the SAME litter number, followed by a two digit "puppy
number".  The breeder may provide you with the registration form for the pup or, as in my case, may first register the pup in their own
name and then transfer the pup to you.  I do this because I have found that many people forget to register their pup. A late registration
is MUCH more expensive!  Plus- this way I can check the paperwork to be sure there has not been an error.

Associação para a Protecção do Cão de Água Português                                             apcap.planetaclix.pt
National breed club of Portugal

Rio Salgado Portuguese Water Dog Club                                                                                 www.azpwd.org
Breed club for Arizona.  You can find YOUR local USA breed club on the PWDCA web site.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals                                                                          www.offa.org
The OFA is best known for their classification of the x-rays of hips in regard to hip dysplasia.  Any PWD used for breeding should
pass the OFA exam prior to being bred.  Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that offspring will not be dysplastic- hip dysplasia
is a multiple allele problem and environment, nutrition, etc also come into play.  However, if the parents have good hips, the
offspring have a better chance of having good hips!  At this site you can look up the records of specific dogs by registered name
or registration number. HOWEVER- I have found a LOT of misspelled names. If you do not find a dog, it does not necessarily mean
it is not there!

OFA also maintains other health records, including ratings of elbows, etc.

PWD Foundation                                                                                                                                    www.pwdfoundation.org
"The mission of the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation is to generate significant resources for funding research of genetic and
other canine diseases to improve the quality of life and health of our Portuguese Water Dog companions."
These are good people!  If you care about the health of the Portuguese Water Dog, please consider supporting this group!

American Temperament Test Society, Inc.                                                                                                www.atts.org
This is not really a health issue, but temperament is an important consideration with any dog.
"The American Temperament Test Society, Inc. (ATTS) is a national not-for-profit organization (registered in the state of Missouri)
for the promotion of uniform temperament evaluation of purebred and spayed/neutered mixed-breed dogs."

Hill Weight Scale                                                                     www.hillspet.com/weight-management/pet-weight-check.html
A simple program to determine if your pet is a healthy weight.
I enjoy visiting the web sites of other kennels & would like to share some of my favorites with you.  These are people I feel are
knowledgeable about the Portuguese Water Dog and who have information that I have found interesting- plus some friends who
are doing neat things with their dogs!

Janis has a great new web site!  She got it with a winning bid at the Rio Salgado supported entry auction last year.  Be sure to
check it out!  Janis is active in water work, tracking, and conformation.     

Marilyn is located in California, USA.

Kathy is located in Minnesota, USA.  
Her web site has GREAT information!  Be sure to visit it!

Aspen Cove PWDs                                                                                                                                      
Jodie loves to work her dogs!  She has just started her web site and you will enjoy seeing her dogs in action!

Sapphire Bernese Mountain Dogs                                                                                                            
Carol partners with us for her PWDs, but this is her Bernese Mountain Dog web site.
Other Sources of Information

Identify Venomous Snakes in Your Area                                                                                     www.klsnet.com/files/venom.htm
Ilona has taken on quite a project- she has created a web site
where you can see stud dogs from throughout the world!  It is
fun just to look at this site!  Click on the white box.
Dogonit Gallery                                                                                                                                            www.dogonitgallery.com
Monique does wonderful original artwork, silkscreens her dog portraits and other designs on fabric, and makes quilted
creations.  If you see "Monique's Unique Boutique" at a dog show tell her "hi"!   She has over 300 products (and I want them
ALL!!!!)  She also sells yardage with patterns of different breeds of dogs.  Note: Monique recently died, but her daughter is
continuing with her store.

Calimel Cares                                                                                                                                              www.cafepress.com/calimel

Deb has a great selection of PWD items- I really like her art work!  All profits go the PWD Foundation for health research.  She
has some unique items!

Crazy H2O Dog Art                                                                                                                 www.cnsandpwd.com/cnsand2006_025.htm
Kris does wonderful, whimsical PWD art!  I have one of her pop art paintings and I LOVE it!  Very creative stuff!
Some of her artwork is more realistic, some is like stained glass.

She is also collaborating on some wind chimes!

"From Frazzled to FANTASTIC" PWD Grooming DVD                                                                  
Lyn Martin has created an impressive DVD for grooming your PWD.  It is really good!  It appears very professional with
excellent photography.  The only thing is- I have never heard Lyn sound this calm!  The DVD is worth every penny!  
Running time: 67 min

This first DVD is aimed at pet grooming, but she is planning sequels for show grooming & advanced show grooming.  

Lyn recently published a DVD for grooming puppies. We started including it in our puppy packets beginning with the Highbid
D Litter. It is a 14 minute disk that plays in a regular DVD player. It includes basic grooming of PWD puppies and has
recommendations for the tools and equipment you will need to groom your pet.

Lyn now has her own website with her grooming instruction materials and with a selection of basic grooming supplies, tools,
and equipment.  If you are not sure what you need for grooming your dog- or just want to be sure that you spend your money
on good equipment- visit Lyn's site!

Lyn is also has a selection of magnets, decals, and stickers.  My favorite is the swimming PWD with the float line.  She is
working with her artist friend to develop decals for agility, obedience, etc.
IMPROPER COATS                                                                www.myturnabout.com/cgi-bin/photo/index.cgi?mode=view&album=/IC+puppies
Heard about "improper coats" but never seen this coat?  Lisa has created a collection of photos of improperly coated PWDs.  This is NOT a health
problem, just a cosmetic problem.
PWD Pedigree Study Group                                                                                                        www.pwdinfo.com
This is an international group of volunteers who are documenting the pedigrees of ALL PWDs!  Yes, pets, too. Yes,
deceased dogs, too!  We are especially seeking copies of official pedigree documents (registration certificates, pedigrees,
studbooks, etc) and photographs.  If you would like access to the database, you can sign up for a free subscription which
gives you access to dog information pages.  If you would like access to the PEDIGREE information, all we ask it that you
make a donation of at least $40 to the PWD Foundation in honor of the PSG (Please do NOT split your donation- do NOT also
make it "in memory of Poopsie"!  This causes book keeping problems!)  Your donation will help sponsor research to
improve the health of PWDs.
A special thanks to Ilona for providing the web space and to her friend Rai of the Netherlands, our web guru!

Water Trial                                                                                                                                          http://tinyurl. com/3d84y6
Kathy S. filmed a water trial and has put edited clips of the different tasks on this web site.  She did a nice job!  If you are
not sure about what is involved with water work, this is a good site to visit.  She is working on editing the clips, so more will
be added soon.