Legado Portuguese Water Dogs
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The Balu Boys!
Flagstaff Kennel Club, June 11, 2005:  Three brothers from the Legado litter by Baluarte de Alvalade out of
CH Legado de Del Che OA NAJ.  These guys were the result of 17 year old frozen semen! LR- Lagado
Lampejo de Highbid "Coleton" with Owner Dottie Dalegowski, Legado Luzente do Planalto "Beamer" with
handler and good friend Lyn Martin,  and Legado Legendario Pascador "Fisher" and Judge Malenfont.  
Breeder Janis Watts was thrilled by the performance of these sweet boys!  They were seven months old
and this was their second show.
Beamer winning his
class at Flagstaff
Coleton winning his class
in Albuquerque
This is a very consistent litter. In their first show in Albuquerque, Coleton
was first, Fisher second, and Beamer third in their class on both Saturday
and Sunday.  In their second show in Flagstaff, it was Beamer, Fisher, and
Coleton on Saturday and Coleton, Beamer, and Fisher on Sunday.  All
three pups are so good that they keep switching places!  Everyone keeps
commenting on the wonderful temperament of this litter.  I had to laugh at
Janis- she was watching her boys with a HUGE grin on her face!
The boys at 6 months
Coleton, Fisher, & Beamer
...a Legacy of fine Portuguese Water Dogs in Phoenix, Arizona
Fisher in Flagstaff