About our puppies:  
    Our puppies are available to approved homes only.  If you are interested, please fill out our on-line
    questionnaire...  that will give us a place to start in our discussions about the right puppy for your situation
    and experience.

    Please realize that we consider our pups a lifelong commitment.  We are always available to help with any
    concerns.  However, we expect you to take seriously the responsibilities of adding a new member to your

    Remember- you are not only looking for the right pup- you are also looking for the right breeder!  Some people
    prefer to buy a pup and be left alone.  If that is what you want, let me know and I will be glad to direct you to
    breeders with good dogs- they just are not that involved with the families that get their pups.  If you wish to
    continue to look for a puppy from another breeder, I recommend that you visit my BAD BREEDER PAGE.  This
    will give you an idea of some of the puppy scams I have seen on the web.

    I STRONGLY recommend that you visit our national breed club web site at www.pwdca.org
    You can request a packet of information for those interested in a PWD puppy.  You can also read about health
    concerns in our breed and some of the activities available for our breed.

    I also strongly recommend that you MEET a PWD before you seriously consider a puppy of our breed.  Dumb
    dogs are easy. Smart dogs are a challenge!
Puppy Questionnaire
Please contact me if you are interested in one of
our pups. Be sure to put "puppies" in the
subject line.

cell phone (Verizon) area code 928 number
If you are interested in one of our pups, I recommend
that you take a look at our
sample contract.
Puppy Questionnaire
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Chalupa and the
Planalto E Litter
NOTE: Although we work together to produce healthy, good
tempered pups and to find the right homes for our pups, our
kennels are separate kennels.

Karen: Planalto- I am the one that does most of the talking to
people and I do our web site. I have been involved with
PWDs since 1993.  I managed a state archaeological park
near Winslow, AZ, until state budget problems caused them
to close the park in 2010. I retired and now live in Flagstaff.

Dottie: Highbid- Dottie has been involved with PWDs since
before they were recognized by AKC in 1987! She first bred
as a co-owner under the other person's kennel name.  She
is a professional groomer with her own shop in Flagstaff. On
weekends, she is an auctioneer.  You will often see her at
charity auctions volunteering her time.

Sappphire- Carol has been involved with PWDs since
2004.  We started out mentoring her, but she has turned into
a full partner!  Carol is best known for her beautiful Bernese
Mountain Dogs, but is developing quite a reputation for her
PWDs!  You will often see Carol with the top ribbons at
shows! At the 2010 PWDCA National Specialty, Carol won
"Best Bred-by-Exhibitor in show"! Carol and Roger live in
Mesa, AZ.  Carol does much of the showing for our group.

Roni: Sea Star- Roni has one of Carol's Dory's pups and Rikki
had her first litter in December 2009.  This was a beautiful
litter of six.  Roni asked for our help, so we have been
mentoring her. From her 2009 litter, Marcos won the 9-12 mo
puppy dog class at the 2010 National Specialty and Bubbles
won second in the 9-12 mo puppy bitch class. Roni lives out
in the boonies near Albuquerque, NM

Rose: Perrofino- Rose works with Dottie and fell in love with
our PWDs.  We have been helping her learn more about our
breed and placed Canella and Sapphira with her.  Rose is
also involved with Paso Fino horses- thus her kennel name.

The Planalto K litter is expected to be born
November 8-11, 2013.  We send our puppies
to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.
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